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Jha Ltd

Introduction to Jha:

• We were formed in 1990

• Our key employees are all previously from National Design Companies.

• Our ongoing success is a direct result of careful staff recruitment, having chosen people for their capabilities, Personable nature, and for their complementary skills, covering architecture, interior design and technology.

• Jha's mantra is simple, to offer personal service, innovative design, whilst at the same time paying close attention to every detail, thus enabling us to undertake projects from first concept through to handover and beyond.

• We are a medium sized practice constituting of architects, technologists and interior designers, together with administration staff, who all provide a solid base of expertise and creative thinking, delivering solution that enable our clients to use their buildings and built environment efficiently and effectively.

• From the outset Jha has enjoyed working on a variety of projects, whilst at the same time developing many specific skills across a range of projects.

• Jha has developed a tight network of worthy consultants including Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, and Service Engineers. However, Jha is more than happy to integrate into other established working teams, or to work with other consultants who client may prefer for their specific knowledge.

• Each project is assigned to a senior member of staff to ensure every project has the full attention of a principal, thereby ensuring attention to detail and commitment to service which other large studio's may find uneconomical.

Jha Objectives:

• DESIGN EXCELLENCE: Our commitment to develop innovative and intelligent designs which exceed our client's expectations.

• ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Our commitment to provide clear concise information for ease of build.

• INTEGRITY IN BUSINESS: We pledge to act in an honest and professional manner in all dealings.

Jha’s Team:

• Strong track record, demonstrating our commitment to providing a high quality product and service.

• We strive to go beyond the brief/legislation to give added value and to apply environmental stewardship.

• We pride ourselves on having an open-minded approach, and on finding ‘appropriate’ solutions.

• Collectively, our staff have a wealth of experience having delivered a wide range of project types for many diverse client groups, and we pride ourselves on giving the same level of care and attention to clients and projects of all levels and sizes.

• We foster a wide diversity of skills throughout our core team, encouraging individual interests and continual professional development.

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